"Arhdizayn-M Ltd. was founded in 2003 by Arch. Andrei Stratiev and arch. Altay Durmazov - graduate architects from 1995

The company specializes in architectural design and installation of residential, office and industrial buildings. We also have extensive experience in the development of elements and details of the interior and exterior of buildings - shelters, stairs, railings, fireplaces, barbecues and more.

Complex of 16 houses in Tsarevo
Holiday Complex Alefka Resort, Byala
Residential apartment building Liutibrod, Sofia
Office building Batmazyan, Sofia
Apartment house "Casa Milenium" - a holiday complex in Obzor 
Mini Mall with a pizzeria and coffee shop in "Mladost, Sofia 
Manufacturing and administrative complex of the Arma 3 and Mareks 2 "in the village of Marble, Sofia.
Residential apartment building "Millennium" in Sofia
Complex of houses in Apriltsi
Ethnographic family hotel in Brashlian, Malko Tarnovo
Office lobby and penthouse of the hotel "Ganesha" in Sofia 
and others